Radical Nature:Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969–2009

Radical Nature:Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969–2009是倫敦巴比肯中心(The Barbican Centre)推出的令人矚目展覽。大自然一直以來予以藝術家、建築師眾多的靈感,但是自六零年代以來生態危機及氣候異常已經成為不容忽視的問題。Radical Nature是第一次將不同世代中共同努力為創造烏托邦家園、改變自然生態的重要人士齊聚在此次展覽當中。

Radical Nature的靈感來自於地景藝術、環保行動主義、實驗性建築和烏托邦主義。展覽的空間被規劃成一個極大的自然景觀,並被每個展間如同自然中各種不同的元素組成。

展覽包括建築團體Ant Farm、建築師Richard Buckminster Fuller、藝術家Joseph BeuysAgnes DenesHans HaackeRobert Smithson。還有一些年輕世代的團體如Heather and Ivan Morison,R&Sie(n)Philippe Rahm architectsSimon Starling

Radical Nature還包括環繞在巴比肯中心外圍的裝置藝術和一系列的座談會與活動,其中還有由EXYZT建築團體代表的開創性衛星計畫。

Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet 1969–2009
19 June 2009 - 18 October 2009
Barbican Art Gallery
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS


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There is something to be said of art that inspire as seen through the eyes of one with a cultivated perception, unfortunately I’m not the one best able to say it but I’ll say this. You my dear have an eye for the divine. I will follow with interest and appreciation

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Thank you Simone. Your message is so encouraging since we've just started this blog for less than one week. However, we're passionate to share our new discoveries, thanks to our multi-national living experiences. Glad to have u here! - Sabine

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